Within Out Perler Bead Styles

Inside Out Perler Bead Patterns

The boys and I went with some close friends of ours to see the movie Inside of Out.  I liked it.  Everything about it.  In actuality, my friend Rachel can attest to the truth that I acquired a minimal (or a great deal) choked up in direction of the conclude.  Remember when Andy leaves for higher education in Toy Story 3 and his mom flashes back again to when he was minimal taking part in with Woody and Excitement?  Yeah, it was kinda like that… pulling on your sentimental mom heartstrings at its finest.

If you haven’ found Inside Out, I would remarkably advise it!  My boys loved the motion picture (who doesn’t appreciate heading to the motion pictures?!?!), whilst I don’t feel they really some parts of it like older people, teens or even tween would who know the areas/features of the brain.  My boggy good friend Amanda has an magnificent evaluation/dialogue guide that you have to have to check out out and I entirely concur with fairly considerably all parts of her overview of the film.

Provided Small Brother’ existing fascination with Perler Beads and my adoration of the movie Inside of Out, I figured it would be fun to make some Inside of Out Perler Bead Designs!

Here’ what you’ have to have:

  • Perler Beads (we have this set)
  • Clear pegboards
  • An iron
  • Waxed paper (or the paper that will come with the pegboards)
  • Our printable Inside of Out template

Obtain the Within Out Perler Bead Patterns here.

Just a word of warning, the template isn’ extravagant but it need to get the position carried out.  I essentially photocopied just one of our obvious Perler Bead templates, established a coloration-coded template for each individual character, and then scanned all the internet pages.


Get your perler beads and get started off!  Slide the printable patterns underneath the clear pegboard and get started positioning your beads on the pegboard according to the sample.


Disgust Pattern


Comply with the instructions on the perler bead bundle to iron.

Disgust Perler Bead Template


Perler Bead Pattern for Fear from Inside Out

Panic Pattern


Fear Perler Bead Pattern





Joy (this is my minimum preferred of all of our creations as she form of seems to be like a clown… we did the best we could)  🙂



Have you seen Within Out?  What ended up your feelings?

Awesome Inside Out Perler Bead Patterns