Scooping and Pouring Edible H2o Beads

I have been a enthusiast of drinking water beads for enjoy and understanding for several years now.  We have made a “ is Blood Designed Of?” Sensory Tub, a Monster Sensory Tub, 4th of July Sensory Tub, and we even manufactured H2o Bead Slime.  Unfortunately, even so, drinking water beads can be pretty harmful for infants and toddlers.  Little Sister often still puts items in her mouth (despite the fact that we are just about out of that period- hallelujah).  Because of this, I haven’ tried any actions that require drinking water beads (until they are sealed in a bottle or balloon).

A few a long time in the past, Children Things to do Blog shared that you can use Asian Tapioca Pearls as edible water beads.  We had nevertheless to consider this until finally nowadays when we did this Scooping and Pouring with Edible Water Beads Activity for our 31 Times of Indoor Enjoyment for Toddlers series.

Protection Take note:  As with all pursuits on, you should supervise your kid during the entire activity.  Even even though this is an edible exercise, the small tapioca pearls can even now pose a choking hazard for younger kids.

Below’ What You’ Require:

– Pearls (you obtain these at an Asian grocery keep or through Amazon)



-Spoons and Measuring Cups

Edible Water Beads


1.  Boil 10 cups of h2o for every single 1 cup of tapioca pearls.

Edible Water Beads

2.  Measure out your tapioca pearls.  We used just 1 cup, which was just more than half of the bundle.  I’ scheduling to use the relaxation to make some Mango Boba Tea.

Edible Water Beads

3.  Slowly pour the Tapioca Pearls into the boiling drinking water.  Turn down the water to medium and enable them boil for 3-4 minutes (or according to package instructions).

4.  Remove the Tapioca Pearls with a strainer and then put them right away in a bowl of chilly h2o.

Scooping and Pouring with Edible Water Beads

5.  Grab your bowls, cups, and spoons and enable your tiny a single get started off transferring the h2o and the edible water beads.

Edible Water Beads

Tiny Sister sneakily ended up with a couple in her mouth (of system– specific rationale for not using serious drinking water beads still), but they don’ have any flavor by on their own so she didn’ truly treatment for them.

Edible Water Beads

Their texture is remarkably related to true water beads… are just a bit tackier.


Scooping and Pouring with Edible Water Beads

Scooping and Pouring with Edible Water Beads

Tiny Sister played with this for about 30 minutes… is rather a great deal like an eternity in toddler time, right?  🙂

scooping and pouring with edible water beads square

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