Encouraging Independence: Putting on Shoes

When a kid learns how to set on his/her very own footwear…it is like a small excess weight has been lifted.  It’s one particular issue you can take away from your “to do”

National Nursing House Week: May possibly 8-14

I occur to be married to a Nursing House Administrator (nevertheless he never calls himself that…people who function in “nursing residences” are the only kinds who hardly ever phone them “nursing houses”).  I

Studying to Dial 9-1-1

Proceed with warning on this write-up…or else the 9-1-1 dispatchers may possibly have it out for me with all the tiny types unintentionally dialing 9-1-1!  Before your kid learns to dial 9-1-1, he/she

Top 10 Educational Apps for Preschoolers

I’m a firm believer in real-life, hands-on experiences to help young children grow and learn…So much so that I have really fought against this whole “kids using iPods/iPads” thing.  But I’m giving in–mostly

Cup Phone

Do you don't forget building these as a boy or girl???  Talk about some lady scout camp nostalgia! I really like this activity due to the fact it is exciting for all ages!

Educating your kid to place on his/her own coat!

Placing on a coat is tough for even a preschooler to do by him/herself.  But this strategy helps make it a cinch! It’s been a even though given that I’ve incorporated a self-assistance/adaptive

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