Encouraging Independence: Obtaining Dressed – I Can Train My Kid!


Acquiring a toddler/preschooler dressed is usually considerably less about the ability included (despite the fact that that undoubtedly takes a good deal of apply),and extra about the battle of the wills…or at the very least this is the scenario in our residence.


Last summer, Huge Brother (2 1/2 at the time) decided he wanted to commence choosing his individual outfits.  I resisted at first, intent on obtaining him dressed in the cute outfits we acquired him.  And then I made the decision 1 morning the battle wasn’t value it.  Why in the globe does it matter if he wears mismatched clothing while we’re at home or even out to run a couple errands???


Allowing Large Brother pick his dresses on the days that it really does not issue has manufactured a substantial variation in our mornings.  Monday by way of Friday Massive Brother basically will get to decide on what he wishes to wear (right up until school commences, that is).  On Sundays, we pick out.  If he starts to throw a in shape about it on Saturdays or Sundays, we calmly remind him that he has had tons of “turns” picking his clothing and now it is Mommy and Daddy’s convert.  This reasoning usually sits very well with him.


In addition to limiting battles, permitting your youngster select his/her individual apparel allows them gain a little bit of independence.  Handing above a minimal little bit of “control” in this instance will assistance when the bigger problems crop up and is deserving of a waged battle (safety and respect issues, for occasion).


As for the “how” to teach your youngster to dress them selves, this just takes loads and lots of practice (just like educating your little one to use a spoon).  Be patient…it will come about!  Start with shorts (specially all those with an elastic waist band), as they seem to be to be the best to set on if you clearly show your baby how to set leg in just about every “hole”, stand up, and pull the shorts to his/her squander.  Big Brother just just lately is capable to put on his individual shirt.  It’s backwards 75% of the time…but who cares, proper?


What tips or tricks do you have for teaching your kid to dress him/herself?