Encouraging Independence: Placing on Shoes

When a little one learns how to place on his/her individual shoes…it is like a smaller excess weight has been lifted.  It’s 1 issue you can get rid of from your “to do” list prior to leaving the household.  It is fantastic!

Here are just a few approaches we encouraged Significant Brother to place his possess shoes on:

  • Obtain Velcro Shoes (for now, anyway):  Velcro sneakers are so much less difficult for little ones to put on and you never have to fret about tying their shoelaces!  There will be a time and place for young children to master how to tie tennis shoes…but wait around until finally they have the fine motor handle to manipulate the laces (any place among 4 and 6 years…I nonetheless had first graders in university who could not tie their shoes).  Velcro sandals are a whole lot a lot easier to put on than velcro tennis shoes.  I’m really hoping Large Brother can control to place his possess shoes on even as the weather conditions receives colder mainly because I have really gotten utilized to it!


  • Persuade, inspire, persuade!  Youngsters need heaps of encouragement!  They’ll love experience “big” when they can do points on their own, but we also require to heap on the praise…especially when their intrinsic determination is lagging.


  • Place pleased confront stickers on the inside of the remaining and proper shoes.  This will assist your little one to know how to put the footwear on the right ft.  When the satisfied faces are smiling at each other, the footwear are on the correct feet!  The stickers will put on off quite immediately, so you could use permanent marker (if you really do not head the reality that it is everlasting)…or just keep a stockpile of smiley facial area stickers.What techniques have you utilised to instruct your baby to put his/her sneakers on?