Meet the Sight Terms DVD From Preschool Prep

Large Brother typically watches 30-45 minutes of Tv each day, often a little far more and from time to time none at all.  It is a easy distraction when I am trying to get completely ready in the morning or prepare dinner in the afternoons and can not give him my undivided consideration.  Even though I imagine that arms-on encounters will Often trump any multimedia learning (together with Tv and video clip video games), I do believe that technological innovation can be a resource to help youngsters around the age of 2 learn many ideas, like “Meet the Sight Words”.  Like all factors, having said that, moderation is key!

The Preschool Prep Business despatched me the initial “Meet the Sight Words” DVD to overview.

What are sight text?

Sight Words and phrases (also acknowledged as large-frequency terms) are text that young children must study to instantly understand about the time that they are commencing university or when 1st understanding to study.  Recognition of sight words and phrases is just one particular element in a balanced literacy software.  The objective of having children discover to mechanically acknowledge some words and phrases is because a lot of of these words don’t play by the phonetic rules and hence small children can’t “sound out” the terms to go through them.  They also are likely to take place commonly (examples:  a, and, the, of, is).

Fulfill the Sight Text DVD by Preschool Prep

I was relatively common with this corporation because we have the “Meet the Colors” DVD currently that Big Brother actually enjoys.  This “Meet the Sight Words” DVD series relies on repetition to aid train your child–the sights phrases are repeated all over the video clip and people phrases are the only terms spoken.

“Meet the Sight Words” also display the sight terms in unique measurements and fonts when repeating the word aloud above and over.  After introducing the sight word in print, it then switches to a sort of cartoon involving the genuine word accomplishing an motion.  Even although I actually really feel that Major Brother is also young to discover sight words and phrases,  I permit him look at it with me.  He loved it and has viewed it a couple instances because!

What I truly like about Meet The Sight Words and phrases:

  • At the commencing of the DVD, there is a limited introduction for mothers and fathers on what exactly sight words are.  I in particular appreciated the part in the online video where the announcer stated, “Even if your baby recognizes sight text, this does not imply she can study.”  Sometime we equate memorization for knowledge and understanding–this is not ordinarily the scenario!
  • There is a location on the DVD that allows you to just show a couple text at a time–perfect for school rooms or limited sight term follow.
  • The “characters” (sight text) are entertaining and fascinating for younger little ones!
  • You can alter the sight term “a” to the way we actually publish (and educate) the letter “a” or you can have it be the printed “a” that is witnessed in publications.

Teaching Sight Phrases To Your Youngster

I wish this DVD would have been accessible when I was instructing!  I would have beloved to suggest it to some of the mother and father of my pupils who struggled with sight-phrase recognition.

A little something I’m not outrageous about, although:

  • This DVD is labeled suitable for 15 months-6 decades.  I individually believe that this is not developmentally suitable for a 15-month aged child.  In my humble opinion, small children do not want to understand sight words until finally they have previously figured out all of the letters and the appears.  Therefore, I would suggest this DVD being geared for children 4-7 many years of age. 

In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states in this article that,

“Pediatricians really should urge moms and dads to stay away from television viewing for children less than the age of 2 years. Although particular television systems may possibly be promoted to this age group, exploration on early brain growth shows that infants and toddlers have a essential require for direct interactions with parents and other considerable care givers (eg, kid care companies) for nutritious brain expansion and the advancement of proper social, emotional, and cognitive expertise. Thus, exposing these youthful young children to television packages must be discouraged.”

The great news for your baby amongst the ages of 2 and 4, even so, is that Preschool Prep has other DVD’s too–on letters, figures, styles, and hues!  So even even though this unique online video may possibly not attractiveness to your youthful little one, these some others possibly will.  Major Brother enjoys the “Meet the Colors” DVD!

What Another Trainer Mate Thought of Fulfill the Sight Words and phrases

I also had my sweet buddy Rachel, a previous 2nd grade teacher who now has a 4-12 months aged daughter and 2-yr aged son, preview the film with her kids and give me her opinions as very well.  Her 4-year old cherished it and watched the full thing, paying exclusive notice to the scenes and people and concentrating more on those people than the real text.  Her son viewed the first 2 words and phrases and then missing desire.  She felt that the online video was a pretty innovative software that more mature preschoolers and kindergartners could unquestionably advantage from.  She agreed with me that the acceptable age would be 3-4 years and up.  She also commented that it would almost certainly just take various viewings of this online video to basically “memorize” the sight text.

Would I suggest Meet up with The Sight Words and phrases?

Bottom Line:  I think “Meet the Sight Words” is a wonderful and creative resource for mother and father of little ones 4 decades and older.

Make sure it is just 1 way that you aid your kid find out sight words and phrases though–young youngsters want lots of publicity in a range of diverse configurations.  Other means you can help your boy or girl discover sight terms is by pointing them out though examining or generating up game titles involving sight terms (like BINGO).

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This submit was very first released September 2010.  Last up-to-date 2018.